Main Beach Accommodation Surfers Paradise

Looking for Main Beach accommodation Surfers Paradise?


Waterford on Main Beach is the Surfers Paradise holiday accommodation you want. Located in the centre of Main Beach, and just a short ten minute drive from Surfers, this accommodation is perfect. Escape the hustle and bustle of the Gold Coast’s busiest destination, but dip your toes in when you want. Everyone loves a party, but on holiday they also love their sleep, and here on main Beach you can have a gentle ocean lullaby send you to slumber every night (think the sound of distant waves breaking on the shore). Just keep the balcony doors ajar and you’ll see what we mean. A downtown stay in Surfers on the other hand might mean you’re close to the party, but that becomes old when Surfers Paradise never sleeps.

Enjoy the versatile Main Beach location, so close to Surfers, by day you can explore the arcades and alleyways by Cavill Mall and the surrounding areas. You’ll find amazing street food and interesting stalls. If you’re after the latest beachwear and surf wear, this is where you’ll find the hottest looks.

The iconic beach on Surfers Paradise should also be part of your itinerary. It’s where the Gold Coast first started, and continues. The mix of swimmers, joggers, surfers and strollers creates one big hot melting pot of Gold Coast beach culture. But be warned, this global destination is busy.

If you are looking for a more laid back beach experience come closer to the Waterford on Main Beach. You’ll love the uncrowded beaches with beautiful white silken sand. It’s a far cry from the busy shores of Surfers. You’ll feel like you’ve landed on your very own private beach after experiencing the crush of Surfers Paradise.

Have your cake and eat it too when you come and stay at this Main Beach accommodation Surfers ParadiseYou’ll be glad you checked-in at the Waterford on Main Beach. You’ll be in heaven on Main Beach.